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Sanguinity - Recruitment

Chapter: One-Shot
Rating: G
Fandom: Original (Sanguinity, an RP)
Characters: Constance Faulkner, original character by me.

What’s in Louisana?

She gripped the armrests when the flight began to depart into the night sky. Luckily, or unluckily, she got the window seat and the ground began to distance itself from where she sat on the rising plane. She closed her eyes.

Beside her, Harold was quiet. Vivaldi played from his new cassette player and he hummed to the melody, greatly enjoying the most recent “birthday” present Constance had gotten for him, a rarity she managed to get her hands on after its selective release. The fact that the plane was about to be thousands of miles above the earth didn’t seem to bother him a bit.

Constance tried to think about other things while she felt the pressure in her ears change. She imagined if she was still human her palms would probably be sweaty at this point and if her heart were to beat, it would be racing quickly now. Relax, she thought. But then she thought about something else that made her would-be-beating-heart race even faster.

Louisiana was waiting after an eight hour flight. Upon their arrival, Harold would be bringing her to “an old friend”, King Cromwell. Constance hadn’t known why she was wanted or why Harold had appeared at her doorstep in Provence, but she quickly found out.


“We’re leaving for Louisiana tomorrow.”

Constance took a seat beside her sire and set out her soft cloths in front of her. “What’s in Louisiana?”

“You’ve been recommended to be listed as a knight in His Majesty’s Royal Vampire Army.”

“Recommended?” she asked with a puzzled look on her face as she cleaned one of her camera lenses. “By whom?”

“Me,” Harold replied.

She set down her equipment and pushed back in her seat to look at him. “What?”

“Christopher Cromwell is planning on waging a war against the U.S. government, Constance. He’s forming an allegiance of the most agile, strong, aggressive, and technical vampires across the world to assist him in forming the Royal Vampire Army.” When she said nothing, he continued. “Cromwell is power-hungry. His dominance over Louisiana isn’t enough, and neither is ruling over just our kind. He wants to rule the humans as his slaves.”

“You’re implying that you think I should join his army?”

Harold shook his head, placing a hand on her arm and looking at her sternly. “I’m saying that that King has requested your presence.”

She had packed her entire life then, as she was expected to live in one of the mansions under the king’s jurisdiction. All of her clothes, cameras, and other belongings were stuffed in several suitcases, lying in the dark compartments of the airplane beneath her.

She opened her eyes and stared at the headrest before her. War, she thought. She didn’t know what to expect of the supposed Royal Vampire Army but she did know one thing: if she had the chance to continue to train and finally avenge her past on humans, now was the time.

“Constance, are you all right?” Harold laid a comforting hand on hers, breaking her out of her reverie. She nodded and smiled. “It’s going to be okay.”

The tiles of the grand foyer had an intricate pattern Constance could not tear her eyes away from. Almost 200 years of being a vampire and she was somehow still intimidated when she met ones who were five or six times her age. Harold rested his hand on her shoulder as someone descended on the stairs towards them.

“Your Majesty.”

Harold helped Constance up after King Cromwell had approached them and motioned for them to stand.

“My Lord, this is Constance.”

“Pleasure to meet you.” Cromwell shook her tiny hand. “I’ve heard much about you.”

Constance nodded, feeling her confidence rising again. “And you, your Majesty. I am ready to offer to you my service as an assassin. I have heard much about your plans for the Royal Vampire Army and am eager to serve, my Lord.”

“Excellent,” Cromwell said, a small smile appearing at his lips. “Harold, old friend. You were right.”

“Of course, m’Lord,” Harold replied, patting Constance’s hair lightly. “You won’t be disappointed.”

“I hope not. Constance, I believe you have yet to meet my Commander?”

He motioned for his servant to pick up her bags and bring them to her new room, her new life.

Be good, Constance. She turned to find Harold exiting the mansion before following Cromwell to find the Commander of the Royal Vampire Army.
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