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Dubitar non ti Vale - Fanmix - Hawksville

Alright, this needs some explaining. nymeria, who is in fact insane, prompted me (read: talked about it all the time until it appealed to me ridiculously so I caved) to stretch my writing skills (an excellent break from writing all my fic projects) by joining an RP, sanguinity. Yeah, it's a vampire RP. And yeah, it's kind of based on True Blood. But the potential in it is absolutely fantastic.

ANYWAY. Jen (nymeria, not me) had created this wonderful character, Lia Somerville (played by Katie McGrath) with such a rich, wonderful history, and so, prompted by my love of all things ArMor and Rabbitlook, I decided to create my character, Matthew Hawksworth (of course played by Bradley James). Though at first altogether separate, over the last week or so, we developed their storylines so that their paths had crossed in the 17th Century (in 1682, to be specific, at the Carnevale di Venezia)... and what begun as two (ridiculously detailed) characters evolved into one of the most epic storylines I've ever (co-)written. ♥

So naturally, I created a soundtrack for them, from my character's point of view, and it's fantastic listening to all this while writing for them is that much more inspiring. The concept behind the soundtrack is that from track one to eleven, it progresses from the first time they meet to the present. To further explain each moment, I've written little ficlets to accompany each track, and if I link to something, it is because there is a fic out there describing the scene in question, so click away to read more!


01. Amarilli, mia bella - Giulio Caccini
Their first meeting, which other!Jen wrote a fic for. Lia (who, at the time, had adopted the name Isabelle) was singing this song amidst the revelry at the carnevale, and the young vampire Matthew - still developing his heightened senses at the time - overheard her from across the piazza. And so it begins. ♥

02. Your Hand in Mine - The Vitamin String Quartet (an Explosions in the Sky cover)
Days after their initial meeting (the carnival is two weeks long, after all), Matthew finally finds Isabelle, and they strike up a conversation, getting to know one another over the course of a few days. She eventually tells him that she, too, is a vampire, and he, absolutely fascinated by her, grows ever more curious about this enigmatic vampire, the first he's met outside of his sire (and his sire's coven). When he tells her his plans of travel, she decides to join him.

03. Look After You - The Fray
Over a decade later. Matthew and Isabelle are in Catalonia on one of their many travels, and it is here that Matthew is somehow prompted to reveal his feelings for her. Isabelle - whose life before him was one trial and one hurt after another - never knew what love or care meant until then, and she is taken aback by his confession. In time, she learns to open up a little more, and return his feelings.

04. Nothing Else Matters - Apocalyptica (an instrumental Metallica cover)
Whilst traveling through the Duchy of Lithuania, Isabelle feels a call to return to England; her sire - the man who stole her from her family and turned her against her will - was dying, and he was calling out to her. She arrives in time to witness his death at the hands of human hunters, and Matthew does nothing but stay by her side throughout the ordeal.

05. Marriage Proposal - Ilan Eshkeri (from the soundtrack of The Young Victoria)
Her sire's unexpected death became a sort of catalyst, prompting Isabelle to address the idea of marriage with Matthew, over sixty years after their first meeting. Of course, Matthew acquiesces, and though it is rushed, and in the middle of the night, and Matthew thinks she deserves much more than the small ceremony they are afforded, they are married. And happy.

06. Everything You'll Ever Be - John Mayer
Their happiness is cut short a few years shy of the hundredth year of their time together. Laurence, the first vampire Isabelle sired (and thus, to her, akin to a firstborn son), is mortally wounded, and they arrive in time for her to join him in his last few minutes of (un)life. This would be one of the heaviest blows to Isabelle, and, in turn, to Matthew as well.

07. This Dance - Five for Fighting
The years that would follow involved Matthew taking Isabelle on many adventures, spending each waking hour devoted to making her smile again. In moments such as the one above, he would use his vampiric abilities to get them into one of many European royal courts, and they would occasionally spend their evenings at lavish events and balls, just to have a few moments of fun and provide a change of pace to their otherwise introverted and quiet lives.

08. Violoncello Concerto No.1 in C Major, Movement I - Franz Joseph Haydn
Both Matthew and Isabelle have music practically coursing through their veins. Their shared passion for the medium brought about Matthew's plan to attend a live performance conducted by Joseph Haydn himself, one of their absolute favourite composers. The account of this evening is described in much more detail in one of Matthew's reveries.

09. The Planets Bend Between Us - Snow Patrol
Vampires will forever be restless souls; while many settle down in one place, more often than not, there will always be an innate desire to travel, to see what the world has to offer. It was at this point, as they stood in Galway, that both Matthew and Isabelle felt beckoned to travel, but in opposite directions. They decided to part ways then (albeit a little more hesitantly on Matthew's part, who by then had spent the majority of his existence with her by his side), knowing they would find one another again when the time was right. It is during this time apart that Matthew travels to America and is reunited with his sire in Louisiana, eventually joining him in his court, and adopting the title of prince, third in line to the throne.

10. Emer's Dream (Aisling Eimear) - Colm Mac Con Iomaire
Nearly a century later, Matthew immediately sensed it when Isabelle had arrived in America, and he followed his first instinct, which was to drop everything and find her. They are reunited in New York, and while she would eventually decide not to join him at court, Matthew visited her often as she traveled throughout America, and things fell back into place between them once more.

11. All I Need - Mat Kearney
Things grew complicated when vampires went public amidst humans, followed by Matthew's eldest brother (the crown prince)'s defection to the side of humans not long after. Isabelle had always sided with humans, and joined Malcolm's rebellion against his father (the king, Matthew's sire). While Matthew shared her love and sympathies for humans just as much, he realized that joining the rebellion at her side would only openly endanger Isabelle's life further, since none at court knew of his longstanding relationship and marriage with her. So he remained at court, keeping up the pretense of being an upstanding (if a little disinterested) prince, while secretly feeding the rebellion information from the inside.

Eventually, whether by his own mistake or by someone ratting him out, Matthew is discovered, and his father has him imprisoned, intending on having him executed for treason.

Where they go from here, I haven't the slightest idea (since we haven't even begun the RP!), so we'll leave this open-ended.

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