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Fandom: LOSTCEPTION [Lost/Inception Crossover]
Chapter: Teasers of a long story to come!
Rating: PG13 for swearing

A/N: If this isn't good.. I'm so sorry. This totally just sprang out of an MSN conversation! But let me know what you think. :)

"We need to get out of here."

Jack began to head back to the beach, sweat gleamed from his forehead. Kate and the others followed closely behind but one of them refused to move.

"How can we be sure we're not in a dream?"

The others turned to look at him. Hurley had confusion written all over his face and spoke first. "What do you mean, dude?"

Cobb thought for a moment and spoke slowly. "How did we get here?"

Jack shook his head, retracing his steps back to the centre of the clearing. "We were on a plane to LA... We were all on the same plane."

That was three years ago. Three years ago since they landed on that God forsaken island--if they even did.

He looked up from the marble countertop, gently placing his glass of scotch upon it. From afar, he could see the photograph he still had of Mal, placed on the fireplace. But this wasn't his home.

Cobb was broken out of his reverie when his phone rang, causing him to jump before shaking his head and picking up the receiver. "Yeah?"

Arthur's voice was clear and distinct. "It's time."

"What the hell are you doing here?"

Jack pushed past the two of them, fumbling with his surgical mask and pushing it past his chin. He had an operation to perform in less than half an hour and the two men he hoped he wouldn't have to see had found him.

"Jack, we need to go back!"

He stopped in his tracks and turned suddenly. Cobb and Arthur caught up to him and stood only a foot away from him. Jack turned solemn, his heart stood still.


Arthur ran his hand through his hair before speaking. "We have to go back. We're in a dream, Jack. And we believe we've always been in one. This, the island. We have no idea how deep we're in, only that we need to get out."

He meant to lift his hand to Jack's arm to help him understand, but Jack pulled away in a fury, his brow furrowing and eyes darkening. "What the fuck are you talking about? In a dream? We're home, I’m home. There's no way I'm going back."

Cobb, who had stayed relatively silent up until this point, couldn't take it anymore.


He breathed heavily and it took Jack a moment before he could retort.

"What the FUCK do you--"

"IS THIS YOUR LIFE?" Cobb yelled, gesturing at the hospital hallway. Before Jack could speak again, Cobb continued. "If this is home, where is your wife, Jack? Where is your son? They're NOT HERE."

To be continued...
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