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30 October 2010 @ 11:51 pm
Prophecy & Destiny
Chapter: Prologue and Chapter One
Chapter Rating: PG
Fandom: Merlin / Legend of the Seeker
Ships: Mainly (eventually) Arthur/Kahlan and Merlin/Cara. Secondarily Arthur/Morgana, Lancelot/Guinevere, and hints of Richard/Kahlan, Richard/Morgana, and Darken/Morgause.

Story Summary: After surviving the events of Light, Dark and Perdition (episodes 2x08 - 2x10), the Seeker must resume his mission in following the compass he holds to the Stone of Tears. In the midst of his quest, Richard Cypher receives word of a new prophecy: The Seeker of Truth cannot prevail without the help of the Next Great Wizard.

As fate would have it, the young wizard now works in the one kingdom in all of the Midlands where the use of magic is treason: Camelot. This journey not only leads to Merlin, but to a reunion between Kahlan Amnell and Arthur Pendragon, who share a past unknown to the rest of their companions.

With his gift now at the forefront of this mission, Merlin must now step up to the plate and be a hero while dealing with a magical world beyond his imaginings. Arthur will have to contend with the revelations regarding those that matter the most to him, with the fact that - for once - he isn't the man in charge, and with facing old ghosts and demons his heart had never intended on dealing with. Kahlan must now face the dilemma between what she wants most and what she must do. And, in the midst of the most inhumane situations, Cara relearns what it is to be human. All the while, Morgana, King Uther's ward, remains missing, the Midlands are slowly succumbing to the Keeper, and Camelot has fallen under the attack of the Sisters of the Dark.

Can this motley crew succeed in finding the Stone and bringing about the Keeper's downfall, just as prophecy foretells, or are they destined to fall at the hands of the Keeper's newest and most powerful agents, who are much closer to them than they realize?

Author's Note: This story takes place immediately after the second season of Merlin, and partway through the second season of Legend of the Seeker (just after 2x10).

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28 July 2010 @ 12:01 am

Fandom: LOSTCEPTION [Lost/Inception Crossover]
Chapter: Teasers of a long story to come!
Rating: PG13 for swearing

A/N: If this isn't good.. I'm so sorry. This totally just sprang out of an MSN conversation! But let me know what you think. :)

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The First Conversation
Chapter: One-Shot
Rating: G
Fandom: Original
Pairings: Matthew Hawksworth/Lia Somerville, original characters by me and [info]insanitychains, respectively.

A/N: The explanation I owe you for this can be found right here.

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25 July 2010 @ 08:27 pm

Chapter: One-Shot
Rating: G
Fandom: Original (Sanguinity, an RP)
Characters: Constance Faulkner, original character by me.

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24 July 2010 @ 10:28 pm
A Reverie
Chapter: One-Shot
Rating: G
Fandom: Original
Pairings: Matthew Hawksworth/Lia Somerville, original characters by me and nymeria, respectively.

A/N: The explanation I owe you for this can be found right here.

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24 July 2010 @ 11:06 am
Alright, this needs some explaining. nymeria, who is in fact insane, prompted me (read: talked about it all the time until it appealed to me ridiculously so I caved) to stretch my writing skills (an excellent break from writing all my fic projects) by joining an RP, sanguinity. Yeah, it's a vampire RP. And yeah, it's kind of based on True Blood. But the potential in it is absolutely fantastic.

ANYWAY. Jen (nymeria, not me) had created this wonderful character, Lia Somerville (played by Katie McGrath) with such a rich, wonderful history, and so, prompted by my love of all things ArMor and Rabbitlook, I decided to create my character, Matthew Hawksworth (of course played by Bradley James). Though at first altogether separate, over the last week or so, we developed their storylines so that their paths had crossed in the 17th Century (in 1682, to be specific, at the Carnevale di Venezia)... and what begun as two (ridiculously detailed) characters evolved into one of the most epic storylines I've ever (co-)written. ♥

So naturally, I created a soundtrack for them, from my character's point of view, and it's fantastic listening to all this while writing for them is that much more inspiring. The concept behind the soundtrack is that from track one to eleven, it progresses from the first time they meet to the present. To further explain each moment, I've written little ficlets to accompany each track, and if I link to something, it is because there is a fic out there describing the scene in question, so click away to read more!


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17 July 2010 @ 06:44 pm
Chapter: One-Shot, but part of a universe that will host a multitude of stories
Chapter Rating: PG
Fandom: Chuck / Firefly
Word Count: 948

A/N: This is a part of a crossover universe I've developed between the two fandoms. More details coming along soon.

Summary: The Alliance has finally captured Bryce Larkin, the one man wanted across multiple worlds for stealing their newest technological advancement: the intersect. In this short story, two people closest to him attempt a rescue.

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So. You've read the prologue and familiarized yourself with both the students of Hogwarts and the Muggles, too. There's just one more group of folks to go - the rest of the people in the Wizarding World! These include teachers, Quidditch players, and everyone in-between. After you learn more about them, you will be entirely set to go to immerse yourself in this crossed-over universe. :)


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